Service Overview

In modern age, everything’s made from long lasting but and healthy materials and aluminum stays the top of the list for it’s unique features. Almost all the constructions are now done by aluminum. tube wells sri lanka

We cover a great range of aluminum constructions and products including partitions cubicles, showcases, pantry, doors windows and all the custom construction needs. web designing

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We Offer

Aluminum Fabrications

We do all types of aluminum constructions including office and home partitioning, office cubicles, business and shops partitions, pantry cupboards, showcases, racks, name boards and all your custom aluminum constructions. house interior decorations

Aluminum doors, windows, accessories such as handrails, glass framed roofs are used in many modern interior decorations and we provide all the latest designs and techniques as well.

Glass works

When comes to glass works we work with tempered or normal glass for doors, windows, partitions, showcases, roofing and any custom requirements. house interior decorations

Manufactured Boards

Another common use for modern interior is manufactured boards such as MDF, Melamine, Plywood etc.. We provide the best quality pantry cupboards, partitions, furniture and all types of manufactured board constructions.

Roof and Ceiling

It’s the quickest and relatively cost effective method to have an aluminum ceiling such as Malaysian ceiling, manufactured board ceiling and all the latest designs.

Our Range

Aluminum partitions

Partitions and Cubicles

house interior decorations

Pantry Cupboards

Aluminum partitions

Showcases and Racks

Aluminum partitions

Doors and Windows

Aluminum partitions